Graceful and joyful Fellowship Held after Sunday Service.

God made Crosspoint Community with His love and grace continually.
May Your mercy flow through these teen,Till the whole world sees the glory of Your name. May Your pure light shine through them.

In the midst of Nov, 10 new youth people added by the grace of God.
The churche minsiters thanks to God. Even thouh they do not have enough time to do teen evanglazing. Gracious Lord added new people almost daily in Chicago.

Crosspoint Community Church youth and teen people have been coming church day by day.I t is amazement. They brought their friends, classmates and thier own slibing. Some of parents appreciated it.Though they could not attend serive or bible study due to thier daily survival.

Last sudnay 3 new teen joined Sunday Service.Most of them are just literally christian and irregualy joined Cathoric Church.
They shared what they learned from message while having fellowship meal. Sunday Sermon the message was New Wine into New Wineskins Mark 2:21-22, Matthew 9:16-17.
The Church ministers prepared Korean specail food for them. It was enojoyable time all fo them.
As the early church was devoted to fellowship. The early Christians met day by day in the temple, and were eating meals in each others homes daily.

One regeiter member named miguel said I became a korean after eating food.The church minister shared that His persanlity is very good and charitable others well. and He likes the Word of God and serve church well.
So far he has invited over 10 people including his yonger sisters and lives in very near church.

Diego who is the youngest one he memorized the Word of God well and since he came to Crosspoint church he gladly changed it.

Please pray for the Crosspoint Community Church to continue going out in faith in God who rewards those who earnestly seek Him!