Sports Fellowship

Crosspoint Community Church provides opportunities to build relationships both in the church and in the surrounding community, all for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. The local community can enjoy playing sports through free leagues and camps for children, youth and adults.

In John 17:20-21, Jesus prayed that the world would look at Christians and see an unparalleled unity reflecting the unique relationship that He enjoyed with God the Father:

Nothing more closely resembles that oneness and unity than the oneness and unity of a team. Through competition on the playing field the team mentality of the local church can be presented to a lost and dying world.

Church extends a loving hand to people that might not come to church otherwise, with the goal that the love, compassion and forgiveness of Jesus Christ will be evident.


Join neighbors, members and friends of Crosspoint Community Church for a night of basketball. Saturdays Morning Basketball: 11 AM – 2 PM – Friends and members of Crosspoint community Church gather for full court games while using the scoreboard.

Contact Eugene  more info 206 946 2996