Grant us wisdom and strength to do this.”Fearing God”(Ex 1:17)

The minister delivered message, the title of “Fearing God”(Ex 1:17)
Fearing God means we reverence Him and To fear God is a full-orbed truth.. We set Him apart and live our lives under His watchful eyes. to acknowledge His presence in your life, not merely at the end of your life someday, but now. To be sure, He is the God of love, but He is also the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! He is a righteous Judge who should be feared. You and I are accountable to Him for the life we live and choices we make.

We need to have an incredible and complete respect for the person of Almighty God. That is our primary need as the people of the Lord.

when our fear/respect of God is correct, then our relationship with the rest of the world will be correct as well.

This is a matter of placing first things first. We, as Christians, must honor God before everything and above all else. Anything else results in an unbalanced life.

Lord, we seek to honor, respect and fear You as the loving and Sovereign God of our lives. Grant us wisdom and strength to do this.

After service, one of attendees, his name is Ben Orginally from Kenturky,served church by cooking food with bringing food for others. Ben used to cook at restaurant in Arizona
He recently moved near church area and looking for Church, firstly atteended service of last 2017, He has very passionate to learn Word of God ,considerful person and has diverse experience all around.
Now have plan to join weekly bible study.
Please pray for him to grow in love and faith to be a sincere God’servant and work for Kingdom of God.