Crosspoint community church welcomed 5 new comers.

Crosspoint community church welcomed 5 new comers.

Gracious Lord added on this Sunday.

The minister delivered the title of Sermon was Blessed are the poor in heart for thiers the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Lord Jesus began His teaching commonly known as the “sermon on the mount” with a wonderful blessing: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens” (Matthew 5:3). Surely we all desire such a blessing! So then we need to ask ourselves, What does it mean to be “poor in spirit”?
The “spirit” the Lord refers to here is our human spirit, our deepest part.
this word refers specifically to part of a person’s inner being.
Simply this: We must be humble in our spirits. If you put the word “humble” in place.
Matt 11:29.
It is the opposite of arrogance. In its deepest form, it acknowledges our desperate need for God. Jesus is declaring that it is a blessing to recognize our need to be filled by God’s grace.
If we would ask Christ to make us genuinely poor in spirit, surely He will gladly work this out in us!

After service Crosspoint church ministers and congregation had fellowship with the Word of God.

The Lord is leading Johnny, who is a high school student and was evangelized by his older borther last year., invited his classmates and friends 3 people this Sunday so far add in 7people.
It was happy to see all of them holy day sunday. How wonderful our Lord is.
Last sunday 3 new comers continually joined with humble heart.
Additionally,neighbors mid-age women and his son came to church.

The church ministers are praying for add who regularly attened sunday servicr and bible study to add 4 new registered members.
“We ask that Your will be done in the hearts of us through the power of Your Holy Spirit that is at work within the hearts of all who believe in You”