• Crosspoint Members Receive Abundant Grace Through Christmas Retreat 2017

    During  Dec 23-25, Chicago Crosspoint members church attended Christmas in Dover, New York and received abundant grace. Themed “Glory to God int he highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14.”( Luke 2) the retreat messages focused on the book of Luke 2: 4 and Romans 5-8. All attendants meditated the meaning of birth of Jesus and how doe the truth regarding Chris’t birth affect us today? the dream of the Kingdom of God. One of attendant shared, “Lord Jesus, Thank You for being born with our humanity and becoming real and genuine man with both divinity and humanity. Thanks for you coming into my to be my life. Lord live out in my You wonderful life…

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  • November 11 | 2017
    Graceful and joyful Fellowship Held after Sunday Service.

    God made Crosspoint Community with His love and grace continually. May Your mercy flow through these teen,Till the whole world sees the glory of Your name. May Your pure light shine through them. In the midst of Nov, 10 new youth people added by the grace of God. The churche minsiters thanks to God. Even thouh they do not have enough time to do teen evanglazing. Gracious Lord added new people almost daily in Chicago. Crosspoint Community Church youth and teen people have been coming church day by day.I t is amazement. They brought their friends, classmates and thier own slibing. Some of parents appreciated it.Though they could not attend serive or bible study due to thier daily survival. Last…

  • May 12 | 2017
    Midwestc Region Decides to Hold Joint Pentecost Retreat

    The Miswest in the U.S. decided to hold a joint retreat for the upcoming Pentecost. The region will have three cities gathering, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Des monies, Sioux falls. Sunday, June 4 is Pentecost and there are less than 30 days remaining. “It took awhile for us to come to a consensus. Nonetheless, this decision brings us much excitement. The early church made great effort to gather, especially on Pentecost, and they prayed. That’s when the work of the Holy Spirit happened,” shared  minister Sam Kim. He added, “The work of the Holy Spirit still goes on today and we eagerly expect to experience the same miracle as the early church. It is our hope to evangelize and gather…