Acts 3:1-10 God listens to them all of our prayers preciously

Minister Eugene delivered  the message,  In our walk with God by grace on earth, discipleship and renewal are essential themes.


Acts 3:1-10

Title: Look at Us

In this book of Acts, it speaks of the work of the Holy Spirit through the disciples. In Acts 2, we see this beautiful fellowship between the Word of God. Now, Peter and John and all the disciples are filled with the spirit. Now, in chapter 3, The focus of the message is the healing. But even the beginning is impressive. So, we have to look at them really carefully because we disciples of Jesus as well. This is the first miraculous sign the disciples performed. This sign must be ours.


God listens to them all of our prayers preciously.

The habit is very important. We have to have good habits and we have to train ourselves. Walking in the life of faith is very important for us to train ourselves. If we don’t make a habit of it, it is not going to work. We need two kinds of power—we have spiritual and physical power. That is how we get strong, when we get power… we get to breath. We stop breathing when we die, right? But where does our spiritual power come from? The Word and the prayer—the Word is like food and prayer is like breathing. We have to do both. If people don’t pray, it is like not breathing. The habit is very important so we can be filled with important power.. We have to feel how strong that power is. We cannot survive without that power.


They are keeping it with a reverent fear.

These two people are walking and going to pray. They meet this beggar. A man crippled from birth. Everyday, he faced the fact that he could not walk on his own. People have to bring him to the temple gate to beg. Then people take him back home. What kind of miserable life is that? He is only seeking money to eat. All he does with his life is beg. People must have felt despair and hopelessness. Peter and John could have done that too…




He just thought, these people are just going to offer money. His only focus is money in their hands. Peter and John… they looked straight at him. They are filled with the Holy Spirit, doing God’s work. They do not ignore him or say they will deal with him later. But on the way to their prayer, there is someone on the street in need of prayer. They pay attention to him. They show love and mercy. What do you think they had in mind when they say this beggar? We want to reflect on how their lives changed and how they became apostles.

God comes even when we don’t have hope for ourselves. He gives our lives meaning to bear fruit. What they had in their lives, when we look at it, is the grace of the Lord. That same grace can come and change our lives fundamentally.


We may be healthy outward, but spiritually being crippled. We have a goal we wish to accomplish, but we do not have the will… no faith… That is a spiritual sickness. We are crippled. We want to be there, but we do not know how to walk. How many people are crippled? They are just looking at daily need and money. Into that place, this miracle really speaks… He says, look at us. What about us can he see? The man looks up, but he is expecting money….

How is your life? Are you crippled in some way? We need God to breath this word of faith. We need power. And we need to hold on to the name of Christ. Then, we can pick up others as well. Now, the life that has changed is a life that can change lives. We want this precious work of salvation to be done through us as well. This deep heart and faith of Peter—I hope we can inherit it. God’s power should be flowing into our lives to that extent. We want to experience this power of transformation again and again in our lives as Peter did and as the beggar is—always testifying as we go.    Let our own hearts and minds and bodies be uplifted and guided by the Scripture and the Spirit again today


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