• Christmas Event & Gathering

      Glory to God in the highest heaven,     and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests (Luke 2:14)   Join the for Christmas Gathering: A Light Has Come! Come sing Christmas carols, enjoy a salad , meal and hear an encouraging message  Seating is limited, so please register soon. Date: Dec 22 2018  at  Grace Chapel Hall Address; 3659 S honore  St., Chicago IL Contact; Olivia 415 609 4201 ,   ***(Christmas Retreat  will be held from Dec 23- 25th 2018   and at  St. Louis  , Address; 5341 Emrson Ave st Louis MO 63210)        

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  • November 23 | 2018
    Graceful Thanksgiving Day to God.

      Crosspoint Community Church, We have events for members & non-members regularly. God looks for those who could give thanks to God. If there is anything that we need to do before this year passes may be offering this heart of gratitude to God. It is to remember what God has done for   us.

  • October 29 | 2018
    Reformation Day Week; “Not Ashamed of the Gospel”

    We all know what it is to be embarrassed — or to be ashamed. What would keep you from being embarrassed or ashamed in situations like that? Well, one answer would be that stronger legs would have kept you from losing the race and being put to shame by the new skinny guy. And a more honest dad would not have embezzled, so you wouldn’t be ashamed of him. And with better counsel from your friend you wouldn’t have dressed all wrong for the party. And better nerves in front of a group would have let you remember your lines and speak them with excellence. In other words, you could avoid being ashamed if you and your family and friends…

  • October 12 | 2018
    Recruiting Jubliee In Chicago

          Let’s make JUBILEE in Chicago!! we are looking for Musicians for Christian Contemporary Band Feel free to come join with us! Jubilee is a non-profit para-church music ministry comprised of individuals who love Christ and love to play music. We are looking for sincere and reliable musicians who are willing to volunteer their time to further the dream of God through music. ( Instruments : – All kinds of instrument – Vocals – Acoustic Guitar – Bass Guitar – Drummer – Keyboard – Audio Engineer Jubilee is a Christian music ministry comprised of individuals passionate for the Lord and gifted in contemporary music. Jubilee exists to unite contemporary musicians in the movement to transform culture and community…

  • September 17 | 2018
    Bible Study Fellowship & Prayer

          We all know God is the One with the power to save (John 6:44), but He calls us to be fishers of men (Matt. 4:19) Evangelism Draw students to Jesus as Savior and Lord Discipleship Teach students to respond to God’s Word Multiethnicity Engage people of all cultures and ethnicities   Want to know more about what it means to commit to be a Campus &Youth Leader Please contact us at  206.946.2995 or email

  • August 7 | 2018
    Sports Fellowship

    Crosspoint Community Church provides opportunities to build relationships both in the church and in the surrounding community, all for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. The local community can enjoy playing sports through free leagues and camps for children, youth and adults. In John 17:20-21, Jesus prayed that the world would look at Christians and see an unparalleled unity reflecting the unique relationship that He enjoyed with God the Father: Nothing more closely resembles that oneness and unity than the oneness and unity of a team. Through competition on the playing field the team mentality of the local church can be presented to a lost and dying world. Church extends a loving hand to people that might not come…

  • August 2 | 2018
    2018 Summer Retreat in NY

    The Invitation I am thrilled to invite you to our church annual summer retreat On Aug 10 -12   Located in  Dover NY. This retreat is an opportunity to explore practices and ideas that have the power to dramatically shift you out of your current experience of reality and into a new one. Our time together consists of worship and biblical teachings followed by opportunities for small groups to connect and share. It is an awesome opportunity for you to grow in faith and love. This retreat does require something from you – you will need to bring an open heart and mind and a willingness to be transformed by what you experience. Grow in your relationship with God, all while having a…

  • July 14 | 2018
    Discerning the Voice of God:Apostle Paul’s Conversion Story

    Crosspoint Church Meditates on Conversion of Paul the Apostle. On July 14, Friday Prayer meeting service at Crosspoint Community Church Minister Eugene delivered a message from  Acts 9:1-19; Acts 22:6-21; Acts 26:12-18., which led the congregants to meditate on The conversion of Paul the Apostle.  The New Testament record of the conversion of the apostle Paul is a tremendously important element of Christian history.It has a significant apologetic thrust, and is likewise wonderfully illustrative of the crucial elements of the Lord’s plan for human redemption.   KEY: Paul’s conversion experience is discussed in both the Pauline epistles and in the Acts of the Apostles. Saul’s dramatic transformation has perplexed infidelity for many centuries. It requires some reasonable explanation.  According to both sources, Paul was not…

  • July 1 | 2018
    Summer Bible Lesson Opens

    Every Tueday, from 07/03/2018 to 08/28/2018, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Location:Harold Washington Library Center | Chicago Public Library Attendance Limit: 12 Join us for a Nine-week Bible study just for all, Romans and Genesis. Find out all the details about the summer study on our  Ministry Page, or send email /olivia 415.609.4201

  • June 10 | 2018
    Acts 3:1-10 God listens to them all of our prayers preciously

    Minister Eugene delivered  the message,  In our walk with God by grace on earth, discipleship and renewal are essential themes.   Acts 3:1-10 Title: Look at Us In this book of Acts, it speaks of the work of the Holy Spirit through the disciples. In Acts 2, we see this beautiful fellowship between the Word of God. Now, Peter and John and all the disciples are filled with the spirit. Now, in chapter 3, The focus of the message is the healing. But even the beginning is impressive. So, we have to look at them really carefully because we disciples of Jesus as well. This is the first miraculous sign the disciples performed. This sign must be ours.   God listens to them all…